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Patrick S. O'Donnell

Parts of the interview with Ho Chi Minh are likely to be found in the article I referenced above from the Chicago Defender written by Padmore. You would have to access their archives to see if this is available. I'm not sure if there's a full transcript of the interview published anywhere.

As for the documentary, I know nothing about that. There is a YouTube video, which is actually a radio broadcast of an interview on Meet the Press in 1961 (two years after 'our' Padmore died) with one George A. Padmore, the Liberian ambassador to the US, although the video has a photo of Malcolm Ivan Meredith Nurse (who used the pseudonym, George Padmore) and is the Pan-Africanist of our post. I left a comment there hoping they'll remove the photo.

Edwin S Wilson

There was a documentary film done on George Padmore in 1959 by the journalist Edward R Marray, probably got his last name wrong might be (Morrow). I actually saw it in my youth around 1961, 62...I believe ABC News had the rights to the film. I tried years ago to get a copy and they wanted $1,500 dollars just to rent it and maybe 7 years ago I contact them and they no longer had the film told me to contact the Exward R Morrow estate, didn't have any luck with them either. Has anyone heard of this film on Padmore and can you get a copy somewhere ? I would like love to see it again; my age when I saw it was probably 8 or 9 years old on televison. I forgot the tile "The Day That Was" ??? Just guessing. Let me know something there got to be sources out there in archives that has the film.

Edwin S Wilson

I would like to read the interview George Padmore did with H Chi Ming, how can I access it ?

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