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Patrick S. O'Donnell

So nice to hear from you Mark ... and my pleasure! I return again and again to your posts about Havel and my passionate interest in the means and methods of civil resistance in East-Central Europe during the period of the "velvet" revolutions remains as vigorous as ever (although at the moment I'm studying the history of liberation struggles in South Africa). All good wishes & in solidarity, Patrick

Mark A. Edwards

Thank you very much for the mention, Patrick.

Havel is more important today than at anytime since 1989. He can be a guiding light in this time of madness. I urge everyone to read The Power of the Powerless.

Worth noting that George Soros, who American and Russian authoritarians so despise today, risked his very life to smuggle money to Charta77 and like-minded groups throughout eastern Europe.

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