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Patrick S. O'Donnell

Perhaps the "first thoughts" that come to one's mind should not see the light of day until one has taken full advantage of a decent amount of time to ponder and scrutinize them! This really is a bizarre little piece, even for a blog.

Robert H

Agreed, Gents. The use of 'was,' rather than 'were,' in the final sentence is a bit surprising as well - not at all like Robbie to get even basic grammar so wrong. Content and form alike suggest he was shooting from the hip on this one.

Frank X. Blisard

Which "races" are at issue here, given that Zimmermann is "Hispanic" and Obama himself is half "White" (hence, his putative son would probably not "look like Trayvon" after all)? Especially since Obama's own pre-trial FBI investigation could find no evidence of racism?

Are you really that dense, C.J., that you don't see how opportunistic Obama's remarks on the Zimmermann/Martin case are, and how cowardly his silence on Bengazi is? And why is that poor slob Basseley (the Coptic Christian videographer Obama pinned everything on) still in jail? And why isn't Sixty Minutes eager to interview him?

BTW, why DOESN'T Obama have a son?

P.S. -- Roger H., feel free to pick apart my grammar, since you obviously don't know how to argue on substance.

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