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sean samis

For all practical purposes, Archbishop Vigneron's position is a rejection of religious liberty. Under his logic, Catholics cannot "condone" religious liberty because it means supporting secular laws at variance with Catholic Doctrine.

sean s.


I don't get the Catholic position. Why don't y'all just:

Marry RCs in a church wedding?
Consider divorce and civil marriage a nullity?
Consider having sex outside of marriage a simple sin you can just confess, as did all the young RC girls I dated?

What's all this excommunication talk about? In my family, we still celebrate our father's excommunication for marrying our mother after a divorce, since it saved us from all the religious nonsense.


"indissolubility of marriage"

That's a bit strange since the gospels have exceptions to the no divorce rule.

As to the question, Catholics disagree with Church doctrine on a range of things. A harder question would be if they were doing the thing. Can a same sex couple who is married in NY get communion? What if you are a Catholic married who uses contraceptives?

sean samis

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