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Rev. Christina Culver

Steve, we can only hope the next Pope would agree with your call for him to make the issue of poverty and its eradication central to his ministry.


Those STEM folks like James Watt, Marconi, Edison, Ford, Wright Bros, Pasteur, Wazniak, Jobs, Gates, Brin, and Zuckerberg, et. al., have done more for the poor than 1000 years of Mother Theresa RC so-called "spirituality" will ever do.


What the hell is spirituality? My heroes Einstein, Feynmann, Ayn Rand, Franklin, Thom Paine, Jefferson, Twain, Hitchins, et. al., had absolutely no use for "spirituality."

Why don't you define spirituality and then conduct a controlled scientific experiment to see if it has any validity whatsoever? I think it's less likely to exist, and of less utility if found, than the g-spot.

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