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Come on!

We live in a society permeated by lies like religion. If lies weren't tolerated, we'd lose 90% of our Amerikan culture.

Tez Wiliams

Thank You Steve Shiffrin for writing this great article which is so true. They are in fact all playing the same game which only they know the rules of the game which they created themselves. Can you win a game if you do not know the rules and how to play it?

The trick first of all is to understand what is happening on the inside and the real reason and truth behind it all.

You see most people are so confused and ignorant and they are not aware that they are being deliberately lied to. They have been conditioned by the system which includes the educational system, the government, the banks and financial institutions and the media to follow a certain pattern. A pattern which they are obedient slaves believing and following whatever the system throws at them.

The system are doing their best in order to keep the masses away from the truth. It is not in the interest of "the system" to teach and show you the real truth, otherwise you will no longer be part of the system and they will no longer have control over you. They want you to remain ignorant and poor in order for them to milk you for every cent you've got.

Find out the truth about what they are keeping away from the majority and find out the truth about their real agenda behind all of this, as well as discovering true ways of how to become free from the system.

You can go here for more information: http://www.boundlessbeliefs.com

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