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Ted Harrison

Isn't it the nuns, not the bishops, who are disappointed with Ryan?


Do me a favor: perform a visual survey, counting the Black and Brown faces you see there. Does it support my contention that the Grand Canyon (typical of national parks and forests) appears not to allow our ethnic minorities, except for Asians, to visit?

Steve Shiffrin

Ted, thanks for the comment. I think
both nuns and the Bishops criticized the Ryan budget.
Jimbino, I think anyone who reflected on your contention while
noticing the demographics of the population in the Grand Canyon
National Park would have to regard it as way off the mark.


Sorry Steve,

But I am a scientist who has just performed a visual survey of some 20 national parks, forests, BLM lands and Western state parks and beaches.

Of some 4000 visitors, only 4 were Black, all at the Grand Canyon (none at Zion, Yosemite, Sequoia, King's Canyon, Mesa Verde, Organ Pipe, etc.).

Some of those may in fact have been non-citizens, just like most of the 85% Asian visitors at Yosemite.

Government racism is a plague, well-recognized by the Dept of Interior itself, which you would appreciate if you cared to research it.

You must be a superstitious believer, rather than a scientist, in order to tolerate your totally unsubstantiated declarations of faith.


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Steve Shiffrin

Your expertise in physics is not
relevant to this. But, assuming I credit your report which is far
off at the Grand Canyon, what is your explanation?On 10/22/2012


You must have a poor understanding of science in order to maintain that physics does not concern itself with observation and analysis of the natural world.

I don't think, however, that I need to come up with an explanation for the observed pervasive de facto racism in our national parks and forests any more than I need to come up with an explanation for the superstition of the 80% of Amerikans who declare themselves religious.

What I do know is that the gummint has no right to tax poor young Black Amerikans to support the National Country Clubs of rich retired old White Amerikans and Asian tourists.

When de facto segregation was found in Brown v Board of Education, the gummint at least mandated buses to assist Blacks in participating in Amerikan life. Do we need buses for Blacks from Chicago to Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon?

No, better would be to sell of those racist institutions and return the stolen patrimony to our deprived minorities, most of whom are too busy struggling to put food on the table and find their kids a decent school to have time to play in the forests.

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