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Great attempt to defend bad social policy!

France, Germany and even Brazil have a low birth-rate and less reliance on abortion because they make sex instruction and contraception universally available to kids as young as 11, in the case of condoms in Brazil--Brazil, the largest Roman Catholic country in the world.

Calling health care a fundamental right does not solve the policy problem.

Religion, food and sex are also fundamental rights, but they are not (as yet) provided by pervasive gummint programs.

Indeed, education is so important a right that we need to get the gummint out of it, as Roman Catholics have fought to do for centuries!

Socialists just never get the idea that the more important something is to human life, the less we want the gummint to be involved in it, much less "guarantee" it. The very gummint that can't even deliver the mail, produce energy, invent the car, the airplane, the light bulb or the computer.

The last thing we want is for the gummint to regulate our health care the way it does our light bulbs!

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