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Steve Shiffrin

Thanks for the spelling point. I knew
it did not look right.


When you, talk about "big government," we assume you mean big Federal gummint.

The US Constitution grants the Fed gummint the responsibility to run the Post Office, defend the country, maintain a court system and little else.

That is the domain of the states, and if you don't like Taxachusetts and Romneycare, you can move to Texas, which is what I do.

What is none of the Fed gummint's business is our private lives, morals, religion, sex positions, sex partners, building bridges and roads or attempting to educate the kids.

Problem with the fed control and Obamacare is that you have to leave the country, as smart man Saverin did, if you don't want to participate in their federal socialism.


Pretty funny way to spell "hypocrisy."

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