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The socialists who brought you Obamacare are now maneuvering to bring you universal food service and provide you a house and a sex partner.

That's because the right to good food, housing and sex is right up there with the right to health care.

It's no surprise that the Black man dies early. That's part of the idea behind the Social Security and Medicare rules: the hard-working Black man is expected to die just as he reaches the qualifying age for those "benefits," so as to leave more money for the indolent wives and widows, who have a life expectancy of 89, of the White man.

Here's a way to provide food, housing and education to the Black man and his children: sell off the national parks and forests, which are nothing but White country clubs that our minorities almost NEVER attend.

Here I am right now in the ski-resort town of Crested Butte, surrounded by national forest on all sides for miles around. For miles around, there is only one black face to be seen: that of Tuck the bus driver, who is 75, and whose family has been here for generations.

Michael Duff

Just so I get this straight, Jimbino. We should sell off public lands and redistribute the proceeds to minority populations. You know, I could almost have gotten behind that idea if you hadn't introduced it with Obama socialist stuff. It is hard to get past something like that but looking at the utterance in the most favorable light I can I'll just assume that we have vastly different definitions for the term "socialism."


Well Michael,

I am only reflecting the very ideas put forth by my late hero and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman.

Socialism is when the gummint chooses winners (White women) and losers (Black men) in life, poorly performs (USPS and public education) what the private sector could do, interferes with a person's private life (marriage laws) in the name of some vague "state interest" and squanders our patrimony (national parks and forests) in the name of, god-knows, snail darters.

Michael Duff

Pretty broad definition of government and pretty narrow exposition of "government" choices. As for the choice of black men as losers, I hold the British East India Tea Company (or some iteration thereof)chiefly responsible. If you will say to me, "that was government," I don't suppose I'd disagree. Which brings us back again to the question of socialism, a phenomenon I think that could only be brought about as a very particular kind of government (and one that has never existed). So, you see, we have different definitions (with due respect to all Laureates, noble or otherwise).

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