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Patrick S. O'Donnell

A disheartening fact Michael.

More anecdotally, at the hospital where my wife works, an incredible number of her co-workers, from nurses, to nurses' aids, and other professional health care workers are taking (prescribed) psychoactive drugs of one form or another (makes you wonder about the quality of care...).

Michael Duff

When I was a blue collar kid growing up in forced busing-era, gritty East Boston I used to routinely accuse my neighbors of being "nihilistic motion boys" - in part because of their never ending pursuit of "more" and its resulting hyper-anxiety - and I still rather favor the pejorative (though they had no idea what I was saying - it made me feel better to try to be creatively descriptive). One wrinkle in the SSDI stats. The regulations in 20 CFR 404 sub part P have made it increasingly difficult (or this was the case when I was in practice in this area in the mid to late 90s) to prove mental disability under 12.04 through 12.08(?) of the regs. For example, any involvement of drugs and alcohol in the impairment profile could disqualify the claimant. I encountered similar hostility against the very notion of a work-related "mental injury" in the workers' compensation regime. So the spike in numbers occurs in the context of "the system" attempting to deny coverage for mental illness. In short, I think the numbers are much worse than they appear.

Patrick S. O'Donnell

Thanks Patrick!

Patrick Cain

"might well"

Patrick Cain

Maybe we find Patrick's underlying point in the jarring juxtaposition of a young boy playing a gun-based video game while wearing a Snoopy t-shirt. American society, by-and-large, does seem bent on pursuit, but it seems not to be the pursuit of happiness, or at least not that happiness that would lead to mental (spiritual?) well-being. Happy, well-adjusted people do not, for the most part, resort to violence, or self-medication, or self-harm. And when they show signs of tending in that direction, others intervene. Thinking of today's Gospel reading, shepherding might will be considered a collective calling.

Patrick S. O'Donnell

As I stated here earlier, please stay on point in the comments, as this post is not about the "right to bear arms" or gun control and thus your comment is irrelevant. You might head over to Crooked Timber where that was in fact a big part of the discussion.

And you continue to make the same typos: it's "America," and, assuming I know what word you are attempting to write, "government." I recall reading elsewhere that you are well educated.


It's too damn bad that the Syrians don't have a culture of arming the populace. If they did, there might be 18,000 more alive.

Amerikans also need and armed populace to keep our own gummint at bay.

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