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Clark West

Great post, Steve. As Camus said, when we can imagine Sisyphus as happy, we've begun to understand something of the religious spirit (he doesn't put it quite like this, but its close!)

Mary Jean Dolan

Thanks for this post, Steve. Taught Citizens United Tuesday, and spent part of the afternoon discussing it with a student re his paper - really quite demoralizing. So, this take on the important spiritual aspect of continuing to speak/work for justice, despite all evidence to the contrary re potential for success, was a good antidote.


Yes, religious folks are famous for pursuing lost causes without regard for consequences. If the consequences--misery, divorce, maiming and death--happen only to them, we can give them the Darwin Award and move on, confident that the human race has been slightly improved.

But the problem is when the negative consequences from the stupid crusades of religious folks are visited upon their rational antagonists as well as innocent folks.

History gives us many examples, from the Crusades themselves, to the RC bookburnings and killing of Bruno and Hus, to extermination and enslavement of countless indigenous folks in the name of "saving" them, and nowadays to the abuse, sickness, death and divorce occasioned by misguided view of sex and "nature" and of a woman's rights over her own body.

Waiting for the Christianists all to be hoist by their own petards is too slow a process, which is why we atheists, scientists and humanists have to fight back in all sincerity.

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