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Tor H Tor

I'm as contemptuously sickened by Social Darwinism as I am by Religious Fanaticism. Heck, they truly are the exact same function.



Here are differences between the healthcare mandate and the union dues mandate:

Union dues are not required of an Amerikan who is working in Brazil for a Brazilian company. It is only required of an Amerikan who actively sought the job in a closed Amerikan shop and who is presumably benefitting from it.

On the other hand, an Amerikan tourist or non-permanent resident of Brazil would be liable to pay Obamacare premiums or penalties in spite of the fact that there is no way he could show up at an Amerikan emergency room or clinic. He will be treated by Brazilians at a Brazilian clinic, at his expense or at the expense of the Brazilian taxpayer.

That is how Medicare and Medicaid now work, in fact: in spite of having paid lifelong Medicare premiums and currently paying taxes to support Medicaid, the Amerikan expatriate is entitled to NO Medicare or Medicaid benefits.

There is an exception in Medicare for Amerikan expatriates living in Guadalajara, Mexico, but not for those who have retired, say, to France, Costa Rica or Brazil.

Furthermore, an Amish man working in a union shop would be required to pay the dues, but he would be exempt from Obamacare. What happens when they take him to the emergency room following an accident?

Obamacare is sexist, racist, nationalist and religionist.


"But what kind of Christian applauds at the failure to help the sick and the poor? I really don’t know. I do think it is sad and somewhat frightening that Christianity has been so seriously perverted by so many people."

One trouble, among many, with Christianists, is that they help the poor with other peoples money. It used to be that Charity meant using your own money for your causes, not the money of folks who fundamentally disagree with your causes.

If the Catholic Church were to come to me for a handout instead of using the gummint to steal my income and wealth and pass it on to them, they might be faced with negotiating over sex, procreation, contraceptives and abortion instead of enjoying the right to draft me to help fight perverted battles.

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