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The Presbyterian rule is easily gamed.

It would be super-easy for an unmarried Amerikan couple to be recognized as being in a civil union in Brazil that normally comes with mutual inheritance rights (though those can be specifically negated).

That would afford them all the benefits from the Presbyterians.

However, if they only owned property in Texas, the inheritance rules of Brazil would be null and void, as Texas (along with most states) does not recognize civil unions, even those performed in other states, let alone foreign countries. And Brazil has no jurisdiction over inheritance of Texas property by Texans.

It's sad that Amerikans stand to gain more, in general, by learning to game the system than by actually working.


That opposite sex partners must be married means that the Presbyterians continue to discriminate against persons on the basis of sex. Why can't they get over it?

Taryn Mattice

Opposite sex partners must be married.


So they extended benefits to persons in same-sex civil unions. Does that mean they are still discriminating against persons in opposite sex civil unions?

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