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The whole idea of the RC church's having a monopoly on ethics and morality is getting pretty tiresome.

Libertarian and atheist, I consider my ethics and morality superior to that of the RC church, and I think insurance, (like religion of any kind to be stupid, returning as it does some 50% on the premium dollar. It is a strict violation of my "religious" beliefs to support gummint stupidity.

Am I entitled to be exempt from all gummint policies that tax me to support its stupidity?


Hear hear, Steve. It's high time Scalia was called out for the ersatz religion-respecter he is. After having seen him, in person, mocking the Babaluyai church by engaging in a Desi Arnez impersonation back in the late 1990s, I've wondered how he manages to pass himself off among religious 'conservatives' as their ally.

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