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A person has to be cynical about any "aid" that the gummint offers, including foreign aid.

A cynic has to point out that food aid -- one example -- needs to be proffered without strings attached. Whether the aid be corn or wheat, if the foreigners are required to get it from the USA, it is not aid, but a mere farm-subsidy program disguised as aid.

Maybe it's only the evangelicals who understand this.

Free milk to old folks and kids is really a farm-subsidy disguised as aid. Bush's Medicare Part D (drug subsidies) is not aid to retirees, but mere subsidy of US drug companies. True drug aid to retires would allow them to buy the drugs from Canada, Mexico or China.

True food aid should be given in cash or vouchers to be spent on food purchased on the free market. Anything else is just another pure gummint scam.

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