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Mary Jean Dolan

Love the phrase, "cowboy capitalism."
Just finished an excellent (on demand) movie, "Margin Call" (with the evocative Kevin Spacey)(highy recommended), preceded by my 14-year-old son's aborted conversation on such matters (b/c why talk to a Con Law prof with all those ideas,even facts, even when only rebutting the (unadulterated) benefits of capitalism?)
Walking daily through "Occupy LaSalle Street" (Fed Reserve, Chicago), and cheering them on, while wishing for a clearer message, one that better captivates those with (at-risk) jobs. Thinking the regulated-capitalists, the share-the-wealth/market-incentives-types, need a clearer message and better marketing.
Why is the message of economic equality, coupled with just enough inequality to fuel growth/productivity, such a hard sell, including to those with so little chance of "winning"?

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