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That was an exercise in abysmal logic, if ever I saw one, and I see one every day on this blog.

First the writer jumps from Bachmann's call for "abolition of the Departments of Education, Energy, and Commerce" to lamenting the passing of the idea that "government has a role in providing society’s safety net."

What the hell do those bloated departments have to do with the "safety net?" Indeed, as Milton Friedman never tired of pointing out, it is those very bureaucracies that actively contribute to poverty, mis-education and misery in Amerika, and he truly supported the "safety net."

Attacking Ayn Rand in her present ideological ascendancy is not smart either: Pray tell, how is it that "Love thy neighbor as thyself" can be possible unless thou first lovest thyself? (cf. Ayn Rand's "Virtue of Selfishness")

Jesus did NOT call for the government to take care of the poor, did he? It seems that He and Ayn Rand are right in sync, as they say.

I am an atheist, who agrees with the sentiment of Protestants for the Common Good, who believe that they are free to serve all whom God loves. What they are NOT free to do is confiscate my wealth and income to encourage and support the rampant breeding in this world, not to mention the perverted views of Amerika's religious folk regarding sex, drugs, gambling, nudity and rock & roll.

Writers like these need to be reminded, yet again, that it was not the gummint, but the "hands off" policy of gummint that led to the light bulb, film, radio, airplane, automobile, insulin, computers and Facebook. How about giving a "hands off" gummint policy a chance to alleviate the problem of poverty, which even Jesus said will "always be with us"?

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