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Clark West

Steve, I know the piece and have it in an edited volume somewhere. Yoder's critique of Barth is in a volume called "Karl Barth and the Problem of War." Its a stinging critique. Yoder delivered something like this to Barth as his doctoral dissertation. Apparently pacifists are not as spineless as one might think!

Steven Shiffrin

Taryn gave me a copy of the essay which I inadvertently left at a friend's house on the Cape. As I recall the essay is called "Why the Christian Church is Not Pacifist." But I do not know where it is from.
I would like to see the essay about Yoder and Barth.
Thanks for the comment.


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Clark West

What's the Niebuhr piece you're reading? I'm guessing, since I saw you've been reading Yoder, that you know of his critique of Niebuhr and Barth re: pacifism. Reinie's brother H. Richard also once had a remarkable exchange with his brother in the Christian Century over U.S. foreign interventions. They had quite a different take on things!

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