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While I agree with the majority of his sentiments, it appears that Jim Rigby has no understanding of economics. Especially,

"Texas leads the nation in citizens who are uninsured, who work for minimum wage, and who die from unsafe working conditions on construction sites."

First, it is good medical care, not insurance, that citizens seek. Like good sex, drugs and rock and roll, it is best when not provided by the government.

Second, it is the minimum wage that is the problem. In Texas, many who wish to work are denied work because of the "minimum wage imposed by law. In any case, every state will have a minimum wage, by definition. The artificial, government-imposed "minimum wage" only serves to impoverish the already poor.

Third, as we learn in law school, we "WANT accidents to happen." Why? --because the cost of avoiding them is way too high. No society can afford to avoid accidents and every state has the right to decide what level of risk is acceptable.

Jim Rigby ought to stick to religion.

Michael Perry

Just for the record: So far as I know, Rick Perry and I are not biologically or legally related. But I suppose he's still my brother ...

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