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Patrick S. O'Donnell


Thanks for your generous assessment and ongoing support.

Steven Shiffrin

As always, very well done Patrick.


The agnostic doesn't mind debating religiosity with the Believers.

The real problem is that we necessarily meet on a battlefield where the Believers are foisting their gods on us agnostics through coins, paper bills, prayers, Ten Commandments monuments, moments of silence, oaths of allegiance, weddings, funerals, and cemeteries. They interfere with our drug, drinking, gambling, family and sex lives and control what we can buy on Sundays.

I'm willing to engage in dialog, but right now, like Michael Newdow and Dr Madalyn Murray O'Hair before him, I am busy waging war against Believers on many fronts in order to secure my civil and human rights to be left alone by them and to be free of their attacks.

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