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Kobe VI

My spouse and i never come across just about any big difference involving Islam along with Islamic fundamentalists. I think religion will be the actual, along with through the actual fundamentalism expands as being a noxious base. In case many of us take away fundamentalism along with preserve religion, the other morning as well as yet another fundamentalism will certainly expand yet again. I want to declare that will since a number of liberals often secure Islam along with guilt fundamentalists pertaining to generating troubles. Nevertheless Islam themselves oppresses girls. Islam themselves will not allow democracy and yes it violates man protection under the law.


I don't believe that any life comes from god, but I do recognize a personal duty to exalt and protect life. Life includes seeds, sperm and eggs.

But like fetuses, none of them are "persons" with the "right to life." Even if they were, liberty interests, not to mention self-defense rights, of a potential mother trump any "right to life" the fetus might have.

There are, of course, lots of religious folks who cherish life and believe that it comes from god, but who favor a woman's choice over preservation of a sperm, egg or fetus.

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