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You keep ignoring the basic fact that it is capitalism and the free market that have done by far the most good in helping feed, clothe and house the poor. It is the socialism of the Democrats, perfected in places like Cuba and the USSR, that managed to make the common man poor and keep him that way.

"Hurting the poor" is exactly the charge we freedom lovers level at the socialist policies of the Catholic church.

Michael Perry

Dear Jimbino,

Thanks for being a loyal interloucor here at RLL.

May I clarify this: I am not "ignoring" the position you represent. I am simply calling to the attention of RLL readers something I think will be of interest to them ... including you. Fair?



This letter is definitely left of center and far off base. The Catholic Church (I would have to say these professors graduated from a progressive type education rather than traditional) does not teach enabling those who do not want to help themselves. I heard from not one or two of my Catholic school teachers growing up; but all of them, "God helps those who help themselves". My brother in law (my husband's brother) is a Catholic priest and he's facing serious drops in the donations this year. It is because of all the 'hike taxes' talk that he isn't seeing the larger checks from our more wealthy parishioners (ie. doctors, lawyers, business owners) and they have told him they will contribute more when they KNOW whether they will have a business next year or retire from medicine because of these architects in congress drawing up so much uncertainty! The doctors tell us the health care reform will cripple his practice, the business owners will be unable to afford more taxes (let alone hire) because they have but one or two years to plan their business balance sheets based on tax increase possibilities (although they would rather expand). There is delusion amidst the masses that bigger government and hand-outs are the answer. WIC can succeed at the state level without government funding. I am 40 and I would love to take the money I paid into Medicare back because I know at 65 I will never see a dime and the same with Social Security. I have not been contributing to my own retirement so the government can take it away and give it to anyone else poor or rich.


Furthermore, the tithings are to be in the amount of 10% and automatically a rich man contributing 10% gives so much more than a poor person giving 10% - Poor making 25,000/yr contributes 2,500 to the CHURCH (not the government) and then a rich man earning 250,000/yr contributes 25,000 he's given MORE! That is not saying the man earning 250,000 has to pay any more than 10%!

Let's not forget, it was the tables of the tax collectors in the temple who saw the ONLY sign of anger out of Jesus! Zacheus was a tax collector who gave away everything simply after meeting Jesus; willingly! He did not have it stolen from him by the government.


Letters like these are valuable in helping to determine where my children might receive a sound Catholic education. We had been considering Catholic University and Santa Clara. No more.

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