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Steve Shiffrin

Leaving aside your sarcastic tone, perhaps you could indicate what
facts were made up.


Wow even read the thing yet. I guess if the New York Times Op Ed says it is so so it must be so.

The Catholic Church did not even write the report. But I guess if people want to make up their own facts to fit a talking point go ahead.


The last paragraph is telling. Nothing will "strike a dagger" at the authority of the RC church, since most all of us have ceased to acknowledge its authority for a long time, quite apart from the abuse, hypocrisy and cover-up involving children. There are the scandals of supporting of Nazism (or at least failure to come to the aid of the defenseless) and of maintaining a list of forbidden books, maintained until modern times, for starters.

Furthermore, the RC church nowadays consists of little more than public relations, with the result than almost all of its gaffes will perforce involve public relations.

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