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Really the government have to change my wish is through this website an revolution will be occurred and there would be no poor at all....


In answer to:

"The larger question is how could we have moved from a society in which it was politically attractive for Lyndon Johnson to wage a war on poverty to the present one?"

I submit that:

Men realize how much that war favors women, who work less, live longer and gain from the transfer of wealth from men to women.

The healthy young realize how much that war transfers their income and wealth to the old and infirm.

Singles (& gays) realize how much that war favors the heterosexual marrieds.

The childfree realize how much that war favors the breeders.

Most importantly, the black man realizes how much that war favors white women, who work less, live 10 years longer on SS and Medicare, while they themselves will die, on average, just 4 years after qualifying for Medicare and full SS.

Not only is the healthy, young, single, childfree black man totally screwed by the Great Society, but he will NEVER be seen among the tourist crowd at the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and even the Liberty Bell--all of which he is taxed to pay for. Instead he will be found in prison--born poor, mis-educated in public school, denied employment in his youth, punished for smoking the wrong stuff, injured by working for a pittance in mines and manufacturing and then left to rot until he dies at age 69.

Check it out.

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