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Patrick S. O'Donnell

Yes, the selective attention speaks loud and clear to the unseemly and ideologically-driven motivations. I think Jesus has a few sayings and parables in the Gospels that are on point here. Shame on him. The media would do best to ignore such folks, but of course that won't happen.


Most of the Republicans are not Catholics and, like atheists and other freethinkers, have no reason to listen to the Pope or the Papists.

Even Jesus said that it makes no sense to sow infertile ground. "He who has ears, let him hear."


If Cuomo were smart, he would take this opportunity to stop receiving communion. He could explain that he is not receiving due to temporarily unavoidable irregularities in his personal life. (If his girlfriend will allow it, he should imply that she is the one who does not want them to get married.)

Otherwise, sooner or later (probably in the middle of an election) he will find himself in the middle of the tedious, degrading spectacle that bishops subject pro-choice politicians to; the wafer watch, the pretense of pastoral concern for his spiritual state, the smarmy homilies about giving scandal to the faithful, the rented mobs of demonstrators with gory pictures outside his parish, etc.

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