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This post entertains a strange definition of terrorism.

An assassin of a head of state, like the one who killed Archduke Francis Ferdinand, was no terrorist. He merely killed the next head guy of the hereditary monarchy that was oppressing him.

Likewise, Brutus was no terrorist.

Likewise, none of our presidential assassins was a terrorist, including Lee Harvey Oswald.

What are terrorists? Maybe those like Paul Revere, Sam Adams and John Brown, whom we honor in folk song? Maybe Robespierre and Danton? Maybe the Indians who attacked the White invaders?

Joe Stack was also no terrorist, since he directly targeted the cause of his grief--and ours--the IRS. Sure, he should have flown his plane right into the office of the guy ultimately responsible for the Sec 172 Abortion of the IRS. Since that would be have been hard, he chose the next best target, it seems. I call him Sampson.

Folks have the natural, inalienable right to defend themselves against oppressors and retaliate against them so as to leave a message and example for posterity. (Read the Declaration of Independence, all of whose signers would be prosecuted by Obama as terrorists.)

Where did you learn your history?

Steve Shiffrin

Excellent posts. Bill, I hope you do not mind. I filled in the title line for this post and the one preceding it, so I could cite it on Facebook and make it easy for people to get to.

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