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Religious folks seem blinded to the fact that a funeral is just another religious ceremony that elephants, whales, atheists and other more rational beings around the world do not celebrate.

Not only do we not celebrate them, we realize that they, along with their cemeteries, take up valuable time and space that denizens of the earth could profitably use for other things.

A rational country would bring an end to all this public religious mourning. Funerals should be like circumcisions and baptisms, performed in private. Why should a funeral ceremony be treated any differently than a campfire? If the defendants in the case had picketed a campfire, would Scalia or any of the Jews or other Catholics on SCOTUS get it?

I don't think so. What we need on SCOTUS are some atheists, muslims, agnostics or witches. That won't happen, but could we at least hope for some STEM types instead of all those English, history and government majors?

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