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Suzie Sue

You have got to understand that this new hit woman, Lady Gaga, is doing all this kinds of awkward (to say the least) actions, just so you will be tempted to write an article about her. That's how she got famous, that's how she will become more famous, and that's how she hit 1 billion views on youtube.. There are tons of girls out there with voices better than hers that can really make music, but are not willing to go outside dressed like a whore from the future. Thank you.

ugg outlet

I can't believe how cruel you are, taking that child away from the TV to a beautiful sculpture garden on a sunny summer day!

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mell style

Watching this award show made me watch old Michael Jackson videos, since he was better than Usher, Justin, and Jason at imitating his moves. I didn’t even finish watching it, it was boring and I had more of an entertainment watching Stevie Wonder, MJ, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, Cream, and Beatle videos on Youtube. Not rtying to be mean, but this award show was a dud and Chelsea wasn’t even funny.

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