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I am a proud neo-atheist who needs to point out some serious flaws in the article:

First, religion has very little to do with morals, starting with circumcision and on through genuflection and fiddling with rosaries and facing Mecca. Indeed, you can be Jewish and Muslim regardless of your bad morals and Catholic, too, as long as you are baptized, take communion and confess.

The "religion" truly based on morals is called Humanism.

Atheists form no organized group and don't pretend to preach morals. But they also don't get tax deductions for organized child abuse and female degradation.

Christianists blindly confuse morals and sex. You only have to look as far as Japan to see that sex is not a moral question any more than are pissing or crapping in the wrong place. Only religionists can consider reading of prohibited books and the viewing of pornography as moral questions while ignoring the real moral problems like our polluting the planet by breeding and stifling the inquisitiveness of youth by religion and public education, not to mention continuing persecution of minorities like women, gays, atheists and the childfree.

Atheists like Einstein and me take a back seat to no religionists when it comes to morals.

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