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Robert Hockett

Thanks, Michael,

Certainly 'less than clear' to moi! But perhaps one 'had to be there.'

I admit that my first thought, upon reading the unusual locution in question, was of those I mentioned in the post -- the ones who charged those who don't tolerate Nazis with 'intolerance.' For my first guess was that the Cardinal was denouncing those who denounce bigotry by chargint in effect that they are bigoted against bigots, which would be a very silly thing to say. But then I decided that I really don't know *what* the Cardinal had in mind, and that surely he must be brighter than my initial interpretation would seem to imply. And so I decided that my tale would accordingly be better cast less as a tale about Ratzinger and more as a cautionary tale brought to mind -- 'I hope not simply Pavlovianly' -- by discussion of Ratzinger.

I certainly agree also that ordinarily reasonable people can sometime be unreasonable, including in some of their disagreements!

All best and thanks for the great posts and comments of late!

Our Bob

Michael Perry

A thought. Probably, a perverse thought.

Reasonable people--i.e., people who are *generally* reasonable--can be unreasonable about one or another subject, yes? So, the fact that reasonable people disagree with one another about, say, the (im)morality of same-sex sexual conduct does not mean that the disagreement is reasonable, right?


Michael Perry

"For, truly, I do not know what he had in mind." So, then-Cardinal Ratzinger was "less than clear"! :-)

"Our Michael"

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