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I would have thought that "personal freedom" counted for something. Looks like the Revolutionary War and the Civil War were fought for nothing, since "obesity, hypertension, mental illness, and diabetes ... and violent crime, drug use, educational failure, teenage births and incarceration rates" were not at issue.

Of course, proponents of socialism can't speak of enhancing personal freedom, since that is exactly what the quest for "equality" severely compromises.

Robert Hockett

'Proponents of socialism,' which none of those people cited by Steve are, are actually much more interested in enhancing personal freedom than are those whom Jimbino apparently follows. The 'freedom' enjoyed by those in plutocratic societies where wealth concentrates at the top 1% of the distribution, and where in consequence schools decay, family members become fast-food wage slaves, opiate use and crime rates shoot up, is the 'freedom' ejoyed by those who reside in Mogadishu, Somalia.

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