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Bob Hockett

Thanks a million for this, Patrick -- truly wonderful news! On Gandhi, incidentally, I have read that he was very much taken with the Sermon on the Mount too. A true synchretist in the best sense of the word. It is tempting to think that in future, we shall all of us have to be synchretists in one degree or another -- indeed it is tempting to think that we already are. Thanks again,

Patrick S. O'Donnell


You're absolutely right, Gandhi was indeed quite fond of the Sermon on the Mount, and he considered Christ a true satyagrahi. He was also strongly influenced by Tolstoy's uncompromising work, The Kingdom of God is Within You (1894).

For readers new to this subject, these topics are among those treated in some detail in Margaret Chatterjee's Gandhi's Religious Thought (1983).

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