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Rinku Mathew

No problem Steve. Enjoy Prague.

Steve Shiffrin

Hi Rinku Mathew
Thank you for your kind comment. I am in Prague now and do not have time to answer, but I will try to do so when I get back.

Rinku Mathew

Hi Steve,

Since my political bent and view of the law differs from you, I typically disagree with you, but I always enjoy your posts because you are always civil and your posts often get to the heart of dispute between conservatives and liberals . I am curious: even granting the president a measure of deference, by what criterion do you evaluate a judicial nominee if you reject Robby George's constitutionalism criterion?

I understand that you were not setting out your views in this post, but merely posing clarificatory questions of George's view. But I would like to know what standard you would use.

Rinku Mathew

PS: I think you'll find this exchange between Dan Solove and Lawrence Solum useful.


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