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Tom Degan

In my parish, St. John the Evangelist in Goshen, NY, the first major pedophile scandal materialized in the early nineties. The priest in question, "Father Ed" had been molesting boys in their early teens. To say that the parishioners were traumatized by this would be an understatement. They were devastated. Then something wondrous happened....

Father Ed was eventually replaced by Father Trevor Nichols. Father Trevor had been an Anglican in merrie old England when he converted to Catholicism. On becoming a Catholic was transferred to Saint John's - WITH HIS WIFE AND TWO DAUGHTERS! A married priest! WITH TWO KIDS!

You want to hear the punch line? Our little parish did not implode. The sun did not fall from the sky. Huge cracks did not appear in the earth's surface. In fact, it was nice having them. They were - and are to this day - deeply beloved by the people of St. John's.

Allowing priests to marry would transform the Catholic Church. Having Father Trevor, his wife Marian and their two lovely daughters in our midst certainly transformed the people of St. John's.


Tom Degan

Michael Perry

Thanks so much for this, Tom. Makes perfect sense to me!

Robert Hockett

Me too! I've wondered for years now why we don't simply have some celibate orders and some non-celibate orders, rather as we have silent and non-silent orders of monks. The Roman church has long been the 'big tent' church par excellence, as any truly global church would have to be. Why not, then, include orders of married religious - male and female alike - in under the tent?

Thanks again,

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