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Patrick S. O'Donnell

Despite the seminal efforts of folks like John Hick, Ninian Smart, and Karl H. Potter, among others, the philosophy of religion has long been provincial and parochial, focused largely on questions generated from Judaic and Christian theology and philosophy, with occasional excursions into the Islamic tradition. Most textbooks in the field still lack a "global" orientation. There are portents of change, but the field has quite a way to go to overcome its self-imposed and unjustifiable circumscription. Emblematic of this narrow focus is the following and otherwise excellent philosophy of religion blog: http://prosblogion.ektopos.com/

The anthropology and to some degree the "history of religions" have not been afflicted with the same methodological assumptions and approaches as the sociology of religion in this country (yet they've had their own peculiar problems, e.g., the former's fascination with the exoticism of 'the other').

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