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oakley sunglasses

Folks,<> is there any doubt that there is no talking to these idiots? And I don't just mean Limbaugh; I'm also talking Arguing with these assholes is something like going to an elementary school playground and calling someone a "doody head."

Steven Shiffrin

Thanks for commenting. Good to see you here. There is more on the story (about the group and the way th Cardinal handled this). See http://ncronline.org/news/gay-group-director-responds-cardinals-criticism.

Susan Stabile

When I was a member of the adjunct ministerial staff of a Jesuit retreat house, New Ways Ministry came in and did a program for us regarding ministering to gays and their family members. They were CRYSTAL CLEAR about the teachings of the church - even distributing cites and excerpts to relevent Church documents. There was no confusion from their presentation as to what Catholic teaching is on this matter.

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